Camberwell Exhibition, Feb 2018

At the Wilson Road Gallery on the 27th February 2018, Year 1 BA Fine Art students from Camberwell College of Arts exhibited work they had produced in response to the Changing Mindsets workshop in November 2017. Critiquing the problematic term ‘Talent’, and exploring the fine art practitioner’s approach to failure, ‘What is Talent, What is Failure?’ challenged fixed beliefs of intelligence and asked how we might…

Troublesome knowledge and conversations: Learning how to talk about race at UAL by Lucy Panesar, March 2018Wilson Road Exhibition, Feb 2018

I did not plan to write this post. It came about one weekend in February, as I started to read up on ‘threshold concepts’ (Land et al, 2014) for an introduction to teaching session, whilst intermittently making a start on ‘Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race’ by Reni Eddo-Lodge (2017). I did not expect the two texts to relate, but as I started reading Land et al, I realised that threshold concepts were what I was encountering in my work around racial in…

UAL Teaching and Learning Conference – 20 March 2018

Teaching in the disciplines: connections, disconnections and contestations
Models of teaching are often based on general understandings about learning; yet most degree programmes are structured to develop student expertise in particular subject areas and professions. At this year’s learning and teaching conference, we will put the spotlight on the links between teaching and the subject disciplines: we will explore the relationship between…

UAL Changing Mindsets Workshop with Grayson Perry – 14 February 2018

On the 14th February 2018, to mark the completion of the first-year cohort of staff and student workshops at UAL for the HEFCE-Funded Changing Mindsets research intervention, we were delighted to be joined by Turner Prize-winning artist and UAL Chancellor, Grayson Perry. Taking us through a visual tour of global inequality, identity politics and the British class…

Decolonising the Curriculum Zine – deadline: 09 March 2018

To de-bias our university we need:
Intention to acknowledge our unconscious bias and motivation to change
Attention to when stereotypical responses or assumptions are activated
Time to practice new strategies designed to “break”…

ERASMUS Report: Thinking Teaching visits Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design – March 2018

In March 2018 Vikki Hill, Changing Mindsets Project Associate and Associate Lecturer: Thinking Teaching visited Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design under the EU Erasmus Staff…

Changing Mindsets: Staff Workshop – 18 October 2017

The first Changing Mindsets staff workshops have been run across the three colleges – CSM, Camberwell and LCC. Academics have had the opportunity to interrogate Growth Mindset Theory – the belief that ability…

Advance HE Attainment Symposium, May 2018

The Closing the attainment gap – student success for all symposium is for HE staff and student representatives interested in the role of the curriculum in closing student attainment gaps. The symposium will examine the role of teaching staff in securing equitable outcomes for students; consider how teaching and learning activities fit within a ‘whole university’ strategic approach to attainment; explore how…

Mindset and the Shared Narrative by E Oboki, May 2018

The term ‘decolonize the curriculum’ has been a bit of a leitmotif since I enrolled at UAL last fall. It crackles with the zeitgeist of certain university communities. Its juxtaposition hits me viscerally. I read the phrase and instantly understand. But lately, I’ve been pondering how best to evoke and embody…