Here you will find a range of links and resources that can be used in your staff workshops as well as ideas on how to embed the project within your teaching practice.

The session was very helpful, the idea of a fixed and a growth mindset is a simple idea but very effective.”

Andrew Slatter
Senior Lecturer, Contextual and Theoretical Studies
Coordinator Year 1

Watch the clip below as Andrew Slatter explain how he embedded the Changing Mindset
project themes of implicit bias and stereotype threat into the delivery of the
Critical Theoretical Studies curriculum for Year 1 Graphic Media Design students at LCC.
The delivery was also supported by PALS the UAL Peer Assisted Learning Scheme.


What can our learning community here at UAL gain from growth mindset theory? Is it relevant to a higher education context or more suitable for schools? You can read more of the general research on growth mindsets here and below you’ll find examples of how UAL students and academics have applied it to their own practice and pedagogy.

Watch E Oboki  (MSc Applied Psychology in Fashion student at LCF) discuss her compelling experiences of applying Dweck’s strategies to develop incremental theories of intelligence to her own assessment practices.